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Optimism: Good Pill Worth Swallowing.
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A Few Words From Dr. Carol Francis

Dr. Carol Francis can help you!Dr. Carol Francis and her associates have 32 years of experience helping people Make Their Life Happen the way they want and need to improve. With many different tools of therapies and counseling Dr. Carol Francis & Associates help individuals.

Here you will find a site with tools, advice and encouragement (as well as some laughs and grimaces).  Add your bits of advice with respect and goodwill as well to the blog sites listed on the right side bar.

Couples & Marriage

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is "a trance state characterized by extreme suggestibility, relaxation and heightened imagination." It is a mental state (according to state theory") or imaginative role-enactment (according to "non-state theory").

Talking is a fine art between two people trying to be intimate. Misunderstandings become huge sources of pain and conflict instead of opportunities for conflict resolution and clarification.
• Personal Growth
• Relationship Work
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Anger
• Eating
• Complications
• Trauma
• Codependency
• Incest
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• Conflict Resolution
• Communication
• Intimacy
• Couples & Marriage
• Mothers & Marriage
• Divorce
• Soldiers & Spouses
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• Sadness or Anger
• Withdrawal
• Eating Problems
• Abuse
• Evaluations
• School Concerns
• Development Issues
• Attachment
• Difficulties
• Art & Play Therapy
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• Parent/Child
• Relationship Therapy
• Divorce
• Single Parenting
• Parent Training
• Parenting Special
• Needs Children
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Body Mind Sculpting
is CENTRAL to your
Dr. Carol Francis
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Dr. Carol Francis Books

Books are available in paperbook and ebook.

Eat what you crave and crave what is healthy for your mind and body.  Reset your cravings so that truly delicious foods, with real nutrients, will fill you up with delightful satisfaction.  Eating was meant for survival, pleasure and health.  So crave your food again fully and eat the ...


Women teach women how to evolve into a new type of modern excellence in Evolving Women's Consciousness: Dialogues with 21st Century Women.  Dr. Carol Francis compiled and explored 20 educated, experienced, wise women and men and their advice for women on multiple female...


Quit Smoking following these three steps of the KISS AWAY METHOD of stop smoking.  Dr. Carol Francis, Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist for over 30 years, walks you through these steps using on-line video and audio resources...


Soldiers and their families have sacrificed enough.  Re-uniting Soldiers with Families by Dr. Carol Francis helps soldiers return to the life with as little complication as is possible.  Peaceful, loving, intimate, functional re-integration into home culture and family life is the goal...


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